Sarajevo from above at Avaz Twist Tower

The following happened in March 2015

This evening, my excellent guide took me first to Avaz Twist Tower for a superb birds eye view of Sarajevo, then to the revolving restaurant on top of Radon Plaza for a great meal. Recommended for any visitor to Sarajevo! The view from the tower is great, you can see the whole city of Sarajevo, and the food at Radon Plaza was excellent. Here are some pictures from my evening.

Avaz Twist Tower

Avaz Twist Tower

Avaz Twist Tower

View from the tower

Avaz Twist Tower

The Holiday Inn

The tower offers a great view of the Holiday Inn, made famous during the siege as the hotel where journalists and foreigners were staying.

Avaz Twist Tower

View from Avaz Twist Tower

Radon Plaza

Dalmatian Squid for dinner

Notice how the city is surrounded by hills on all sides, making it so much easier for the Serbs, controlling all high terrain, to continuosly bombard Sarajevo during the siege. Once you have the high ground, blocking Sarajevo from the rest of the world is easy. It did not take long before the attackers were content with sitting on the hilltops, bombarding the city constantly, with no plans of attacking. On thursday I will visit the Sarajevo War Tunnel which supplied the city with all its essentials during the siege.

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