Some pictures from Östersund

I visited Östersund by the Storsjö lake in May 2015

We arrived in Östersund today, and after a quick nap in our hotel room we set out to explore the city. We took a walk through the city, walked along the Storsjö lake, then stopped to grab a beer at a local bar. We are going out to eat soon, so I have no time to write, but here are some pictures from pictures from my day so far.

By the Storsjö lake in Östersund

By the lake in Östersund

Prästgatan (Priest Street) in Östersund

Prästgatan, the shopping street in Östersund

The train station by the lake in Östersund

The train station by Storsjö lake

The Main Square in Östersund

The main square in Östersund. Big and empty when we visited.

The church in Östersund

The church

The Bishops Arms pub in Östersund

We stopped for a beer at this bar

A beer in Östersund


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