I almost missed my flight to London.

I almost missed my flight to London in May 2015

I thought I had given myself plenty of time to get to the airport, plenty of time even for a small meal and a beer before my flight left. I have travelled from Trondheim to the airport many times, I know how long it takes.

I got on the Airport Express Bus, we set off. It did not take long before we stopped moving, traffic was terrible, it took us ten minutes to move just a few hundred meters.

This kept on for a long time. I wasn’t worried about missing my flight yet, but the possibility of getting a bite to eat at the airport seemed smaller and smaller. Online I read about the accident that had caused the traffic jam, a motorcycle had run into a car in a tunnel, nobody was harmed.

We were nearing the tunnel where the accident had happened, I expected traffic to ease up once we were through, I was correct. We drove slowly through the tunnel, but once we were through we were able to speed up considerably.

I would make it I thought, there might even be time for a quick meal on the go. The beer I would have to skip though.

The bus kept driving for about five minuted before being stuck in traffic again. Another traffic jam. Slowly we crept along, I was starting to get worried I might miss my flight.

The bus was packed as well, it was crowded and getting very warm. I tried to ignore my discomfort as best I could, quite hard when the person next to you slowly is taking up more and more room.

Finally we got to the airport, there should still be just enough time for me to make it.

I ran to Security, the line was not too long. Everybody in line was quite stressed at this point. They had all been stuck in traffic, some were in danger of losing their flight.

Some people felt they were more important than others, demanding to skip the line because they were in a hurry. If they have to, I understand, but I did not feel happy when I saw some of the same people waiting at the same gate I was heading for. There was no reason to cut in line for our flight, better to stay in line for a quick and orderly security check. That way it goes faster for everybody.

I got through the security check, ran to my gate and made it just in time. Had I been five minuted later I would not have made my flight. I felt very lucky.

I boarded the flight, found my seat and waited for take-off. Just then the Captain spoke over the PA. Because of a new slot time we had to wait on the runway for half an hour.

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