On my way to London

Soon I will arrive in London, I am currently waiting for my flight at the airport in Trondheim. It will depart shortly.

Work was finished at 3.30pm, I took a bus straight to the airport, having already packed and brought my luggage to work.

I am travelling light, bringing nothing but a carry-on. The more I travel, the less I pack I have come to realize. You simply do not need to bring so much. Better to leave room for things to buy and bring back.


All packed and ready.

There is much wisdom in the saying that when packing, bring half as much clothes as you think you need and twice as much money. Clothes can be cleaned at hotels or laundromats, and what if I have to wear a t-shirt twice? Unless in a very warm country it is usually no problem. Money on the other hand, always seems to run out faster than expected. And as long as you have your passport and money, all you need can usually be bought.

A traffic accident on the road to the airport caused massive traffic jams and delays. Luckily I had planned more than enough time to get to the airport, I was a bit worried for a while but made it with only a few minutes to spare.

It will be quite late when I finally arrive at my hotel tonight, and I will probably call it a night quite early. Maybe I’ll just take a look around the neigbourhood. Better to have an early start tomorrow, there is much to see in London.

Time to head for the gate now.

There will be more to come about London, so keep following my blog.

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated, so please share.

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