Quirky Camden Town

I wrote the following while visiting London and Camden Town in May 2015

Today I started by going to Camden Town. Only two stops with the tube from my hotel it is not far away.

Camden Town came into existence in 1791, when sir Charles Pratt started granting leases for residental housing on his mansion which back then occupied the area.

Camden Town

Welcome to Camden

Camden Town later evolved into an industrial area with the arrival of the railway and its location next to London’s canal network.

Camden Lock in Camden Town

Camden Lock.

In the 1970s, plans were laid for building a highway through the area. These plans were luckily abandoned.

In 1974, a small sunday market selling crafts and local produce appeared, and today there are six different markets in Camden. As of 2013, none of the original stall holders remained, today the markets mostly caters to tourists.

Inverness Street Market in Camden Town

Entrance to Inverness Street Market.

Camden has also become the center for London’s alternative culture and looks quite different from other parts of London.

Camden Town storefronts

Typical Camden Town storefronts.

I especially loved the food market with food from all over the world. One could eat a whole meal from all the samples the stall holders hands out. I ended up buying an Ethiopian beef dish. It was wonderful.

Street food in Camden Town

Ethiopian food stall.

Lunch in Camden Town


Camden Town

The food market.

Here are some more pictures to enjoy from Camden Town.

The World's End bar in Camden Town

The World’s End bar. Not impressed by their service.

Camden High Street

Camden High Street.

Camden Town

Quirky Camden Town

Camden Lock

Camden Lock.

Camden Town

More building decorations.

Food market in Camden Town

From the food market

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  1. Vinita

    Loved all the photos and the information. Lunch looks amazing…what did you get? The quirkiness of Camden town makes it even more appealing.

    1. traveltorgeir Post author

      Thank you. Not quite sure what it was. It was from an Ethiopian stall and the lady serving gave me a mix of all she had. Beef, potatoes, spinach, vegs and hummus plus more. It was delicious.

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