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Lorelei, a German bar in Tokyo

I visited Lorelei, a German bar in Tokyo, both in October 2012 and March 2014.

There is a wonderful German bar in Tokyo called Lorelei. You can find it in a basement in Ginza. It can be quite tricky to find, but offers a great experience. In lies in the west of Ginza, between the Yamanote line and Taimei Elementary school, on the way from Ginza towards Tokyo Station. It is in a basement, the entrance right next to a tobacco store. We found it by chance on my first trip to Japan, I have had to look for it on later visits.

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June 27, 2015

The most famous Japanese food is probably sushi. Japan has so many other great dishes to offer, but for now sushi seems to be most popular. A lot of the sushi we are served in the west is not proper sushi though, it has been Westernised for our palate, most of it coming out of California.

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Book Review: Sixty-Nine

Sixty-Nine By Ryu Murakami

I read Sixty-Nine by Ryu Murakami in June 2015

Ryu Murakami has often been called the Japanese Brett Easton Ellis, his novels filled with sex, drugs, crime and the Japanese underworld. Sixty-Nine is his third novel, first published in 1987. The novel a coming-of-age story with autobiographical elements.

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Book Review: Through Another Europe

Through Another Europe: An Anthology on Travel Writing on the Balkans. Edited by Andrew Hammond.

I read Through Another Europe in June 2015

Through Another Europe is a book about the Balkans. The Balkans is an area where I haven’t travelled a lot, but which I would love to visit. I have only been in the Balkans twice. Five years ago, in August 2010, I visited Dubrovnik, earlier this year I visited Sarajevo. I loved both places and soon I have to return to the Balkans for a longer visit.

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Japanese breakfast in Nara

I had a japanese breakfast at a ryokan in Nara in March, 2014.

In Nara I stayed in a small ryokan run by this very nice, old lady. I stayed there for two nights, and even though I had opted out of paying extra for breakfast included, the morning of my departure she offered me breakfast anyway. I had a train journey to Tokyo ahead of me and a good breakfast before leaving would be great.
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Omizutori, a Festival in Nara

I went to Omizutori in Nara in March, 2014.

I never like to plan my trips too much. I usually have a list of things I like to do, but have no plan of completing the list. I’m always open for new ideas and plans when travelling.

I ended up in Nara by chance, and as it turned out I could not have come on a better day.

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Book Review: A Traveller’s History of Japan.

A Traveller’s History of Japan By Richard Tames

I read A Traveller’s History Japan by Richard Tames in June 2015

A Traveller’s History of Japan gives a quick overview of Japan‘s history. From the myths and legend still being told today, the Jomon Culture, the influence from China and Korea, the Meiji restoration through to the Second World War and the Japanese miracle after the war.

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