Shoryu Ramen Restaurant in London

I visited Shoryu Ramen in London in May, 2015

Shoryu Ramen is a Japanese ramen restaurant. It is run by Executive chef Kanji Furukawa and now has several restaurants open in London. It specialises in Hakata tonkotsu ramen, a local ramen speciality from Hakata in Fukuoka on the island of Kyushu in Japan. I visited Hakata in March 2014, and ate a lot of great ramen there.

Shoryu Ramen

Shoryu Ramen on Lower Regent Street.

I absolutely love ramen, when traveling in Japan I eat it almost every day, but in Norway it is impossible to find. There are no ramen restaurants in Trondheim, I am praying for one to open.

I first heard about Shoryu Ramen a few weeks before my visit to London, and knew I had to go there to eat. I went to their restaurant on Lower Regent Street for lunch on my first day in London.

When I first entered the restaurant I almost felt like I was back in Japan. Yes, it is a bit fancier and better decorated than most ramen restaurants I visited in Japan, and there were waiters, not only the chef or a vending machine taking your order. But you were greated with the usual irasshaimase by all the employees when entering, and as I raised one finger in the air, indicating seating for one, I was quickly shown to my seat.

Shoryu Ramen

From inside the restaurant.

I ordered the Shoryu Ganso tonkotsu ramen, their signature ramen, chilled sake and a kirin beer. The meny was well explained to me by my waiter. My drinks were served quickly and I waited for my food.

Shoryu Ramen

My sake and beer.

The sake was really nice, served chill, it tasted great. It really took me back to Japan. When my food was served I blurted out arrigato gozaimasu instead of thank you.

The ramen was amazing. A rich pork broth, cooked for over twelve hours, filled with the taste of umami, perfectly cooked noodles, some slices of meat, scallops and an egg. I slurped away.
And washed it all down with Kirin beer.

Shoryu Ramen

My ramen.

As I left I was hoping to find time to visit one of their other restaurants before I left London, but there was not enough time.

Shoryu Ramen

Outside the restaurant.

Shoryu Ramen is a great restaurant, and has the best ramen I have tried outside Japan. I have tried better ramen in Japan, but that was expected. The service was excellent even when there was a lot to do, the food served quickly. If you ever are in London I greatly recommend a visit to Shoryu Ramen.

Visit Shoryu Ramen’s official website here

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  2. Vinita

    Awesome post and lunch! I doubt there are ramen restaurants in India but it would be great to have them.

  3. Steph Robinson

    London is great for trying food from all over the world – and I agree that Shoryu Ramen is pretty close to a real japanese ramen! The next time you visit London, there are some other very good ramen restaurants to try if you like, such as Bone Daddies, Tonkotsu and Kanada-ya.


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