Book Review: A Traveller’s History of Japan.

A Traveller’s History of Japan By Richard Tames

I read A Traveller’s History Japan by Richard Tames in June 2015

A Traveller’s History of Japan gives a quick overview of Japan‘s history. From the myths and legend still being told today, the Jomon Culture, the influence from China and Korea, the Meiji restoration through to the Second World War and the Japanese miracle after the war.

Writing a quick introduction to a country’s history is never easy. There is so much to choose from and one must decide on what to focus. A complete history of Japan would be impossible in such a small volume.

A Traveller's History of Japan Paperback

A Traveller’s History of Japan

The book does not try to cover all of Japan’s history, instead it acts as a quick guide and starting point for further reading. I still found it too short though, it barely scratched the surface. I would not mind if it had been a hundred pages longer.

A Traveller’s History of Japan was a bit too short and did not go into enough detail for me. I wish it would tell us more about each period in time, how life was like. As an overview of Japan’s history it could work, but there are better books like that out there. A History of Japan, by Mason and Caiger is one I can recommend.

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