Ready to travel to Japan

I’m on the airport express bus, on my way to Japan. If everyting goes according to plan, I will land at Narita Airport in 20 hours. It will be morning, almost midday in Tokyo by then.

I travel to Japan from Trondheim

The bus is coming soon. I will travel to Japan

Last time I was in Japan I met a chef who worked at Hard Rock Cafe. Now he has opened his own bar and it turns out it is not far from where I will be staying the first three days. As my airbnb apartment is not ready yet, they want me to check in at night, I plan to drop my bags off there and go meet my friend before I plunge into Tokyo again.

My bag on my travel to Japan

My bag when I travel to Japan

Today I will be flying through Oslo and Copenhagen before setting off for Tokyo. I am flying with SAS, an airline I have flown a lot with, but never intercontinental. Hopefully the ride will be smooth and comfortable. I hope I can get some rest before I arrive in Tokyo, as I have a full day ahead of me there.

As I will be in the air I will probably be offline most of the day. I will post more tomorrow. See you and take care.

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