The Island of Lokrum in Croatia

I visited Lokrum in August, 2010

As we got off the boat we took a route different from most people. We did not feel like walking in a crowd, we took a path following the water rather than cutting straight across the island.


Lokrum seen from the Walls of Dubrovnik

We followed the water for a while, walking along cliffs, the water far below. After a while we took a path leading into the forest, avoiding a nudist beach we were approaching.


Walking along the cliffs

The island was beautiful. The white cliffs along the water, sometimes leading to small, ‘private’ beaches. In the forest peacocks were walking freely. It was a beautiful walk.

Peacock at Lokrum

An encounter with a peacock

One legend has it that Richard Lionheart, returning from the crusades, almost got shipwrecked in a storm but made it ashore on Lokrum. He pledged to built a church there, but was persuaded by the citizens of Dubrovnik to contribute to the building of the cathedral in Dubrovnik instead, provided they built a church on the island.


The island of Lokrum

We reached the more popular beaches at Lokrum, met more and more people. We found a cafe where we sat down, ordered each our espresso. Parasols were blocking the sun, it was nice to sit in the shade for a while. I got my book from my bag, read for a while. I then went for a swim.


No pipe smoking on the island

Today The Island is a tourist spot, a nature reserve and even has a nude beach. The monastery, now containing a restaurant, and the botanical garden on the island are remains from when archduke Maximilian of Austria used the island as a holiday home.


Beautiful Lokrum

On our way back to the boat we walked through the botanical garden on the island. Rows and rows of different trees, plaques on the describing its species. Quite different from the wild forest we had walked through on our arrival at Lokrum. We made it back to the boat that would take us back to Dubrovnik. It was leaving in just a few minutes.

Botanical garden at Lokrum

From the botanical garden

It was a great day at Lokrum, very relaxing. It was nice to get away from the big crowds in Dubrovnik, at Lokrum it was more quiet. As the boat arrived at Dubrovnik harbour we were instantly met by a huge group of people returning to their cruiseship, their visit over. So different from the more quiet Lokrum.


Leaving the island

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