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Bordeaux in Bordeaux

I visited Bordeaux in August, 2013

Driving through France can be a pain in the ass, the toll booths there are so inefficient. In Norway everything is automated and cashless now, either you have an Autopass which gets charged, if you don’t a picture is taken off the car and the bill is sent based on your licence plate. All you have to do is drive like normal through the toll booth, no need to slow down.

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Brokstad, a chess tournament in Trondheim

I played Brokstad’s memorial in Oktober, 2015

Of course I had to meet a member of the same club as myself the first round. Not only was he better that me but also knew my playing style. My only hope was to surprise him somehow, but it did not work. Slowly he gained an advantage, eventually big enough to capitalise on. I lost the first round.

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18th century trade with Japan

In 1756, seven bottles of Japanese soy sauce were imported to the city of Trondheim, Norway. These bottles, made at Arita kilns, stamped with the words JAPANSCHZOYA, were brought to the artificial island Dejima in Nagasaki bay, where they were bought by the Dutch East India Company for export. Eventually they ended up in Trondheim.


Broken bottles of Japanschzoya

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