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Book Review: A History of Japan

A History of Japan by R.H.P. Mason and J.G. Caiger

I read A History of Japan in January 2016

A History of Japan tries to tell the whole history of Japan within 400 pages, quite a formidable job, and actually does a very good job.

The book covers Japanese history from the time of legend, up until World War Two, the occupation and the economic miracle in the second half of the 20th century.

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The long way back to Tokyo

I travelled from Fuji Rock Festival to Tokyo in July, 2015

It was 5 am already when I got back to my tent. I knew the sun would rise at 7.30, turning my tent into a sauna, impossible to sleep in. I made a quick decision. I would go back to Tokyo right now, I could sleep on the train, and if I was lucky check in early at the hotel. If not I would have to find a love hotel or manga cafe to sleep in. I would only get two hours of sleep here anyway, that would not help much. I crossed my fingers, hoping I could check in early at the hotel in Tokyo.

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Dragondola at Fuji Rock Festival

I visited Fuji Rock Festival and rode the Dragondola in July, 2015

Going over the mountains, then down into the valleys, was quite the experience. Not something for people who are scared of heights. The angle it went up and down the mountains was quite steep. You got the most perfect view of the the festival and the mountains of Naeba during the ride.

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Rookie-a-go-go at Fuji Rock Festival

I visited Fuji Rock Festival in July, 2015

Even though the last concert was over, Fuji Rock Festival did not end for the night. There were several stages that kept the party going until the early morning. There was an outdoor cinema showing movies. In the Red Marquee tent the dance music kept playing all night long. And then there was Rookie-a-go-go and its surrounding area.

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Cooling down in the river

The best weekend of my life

I visited Fuji Rock Festival and saw Muse play in July, 2015

“I’m not quite sure, but I think I may have died and gone to heaven”

This was my facebook status late at night on the second day of Fuji Rock Festival. I had just had one of the best days of my life, it really felt like heaven. I fell asleep with a smile on my face that day.

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Trying to hide at Fuji Rock Festival

I visited Fuji Rock Festival in July, 2015

I did not even have time to sit down, I had just found an empty chair, beer in one hand and a hot dog in the other, when I saw them walking towards where I was. Not again, I though. Are they following me? I had been hoping to get away from them here. But of course they were here as well.

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Fuji Rock Festival in Japan

I visited Fuji Rock Festival in Japan in July, 2015

I finally reached the other end of the festival area, it must have taken me half an hour to walk at least, without any long stops. Walking in a crowd slowed me down a bit though, and it was mostly crowded here. Trying to see the whole area took some time, so large and so many different paths. And always so many people.

Festival in Japan

A boardwalk through the forest

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First day at Fuji Rock Festival

I went to Fuji Rock Festival in July, 2015

This post is dedicated to Lemmy. May you rest in unpeace. It was written before his death and I have decided not to change it.

Mötorhead was one of the bands I had really wanted to see at the festival. I saw them in Brisbane in 2007, the concert was awesome. I could not wait to see them again. They were the second to last band on the main stage that night, I got a good spot just outside the moshpit to see them.
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Another visit to Crescendo Prog Festival

I visited Crescendo Prog Festival in August, 2015

As soon as we arrived we where greeted with smiles and hugs. People had loved us two years ago, it felt good to be back. We arrived in Royan, close to Bordeaux just in time for the festival, only time to drop our bags where we would sleep, make sure to bring the merchandice, head over to the festival.

Crescendo Prog Festival

Crescendo Prog Festival

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