Another visit to Crescendo Prog Festival

I visited Crescendo Prog Festival in August, 2015

As soon as we arrived we where greeted with smiles and hugs. People had loved us two years ago, it felt good to be back. We arrived in Royan, close to Bordeaux just in time for the festival, only time to drop our bags where we would sleep, make sure to bring the merchandice, head over to the festival.

Crescendo Prog Festival

Crescendo Prog Festival

Crescendo Prog Festival is a three day festival, thursday to saturday, my friends were playing on friday. We were still hoping to sell some merch on thursday, as we got to the festival we found an empty stand and set up our albums and t-shirts.

I did not bother to go with the band to sound check the next day, instead I headed down to Royan for some beaches and sun. After they were done with sound check the band joined me. We headed up to the festival later in the evening. The band got prepared for the concert, I took care of the merchandice. Sales were going good, people were anxiously awaiting the concert.

Our merch stand at Crescendo Prog Festival

Our merch stand

The organ player in Arabs in Aspic got a new name, Trubadurix. Even though the concert did not go great, there were some sound problems, spirits were high. The festival was over for the day, but there was an afterparty in the camp. The organ player was given a guitar, and played non-stop for hours. People loved it.

After party at Crescendo Prog Festival


In the last half of the last concert on the last day it started raining. Really raining. It was pouring down, accompanied by thunder and lightning. By the end of the concert almost all spectators were gone, only the most die-hard fans renained. The rain put a damper on the afterparty as well, it didn’t take long before we went back to where we slept. How lucky it didn’t start to rain earlier.

The different stands at Crescendo Prog Festival

From the festival

It was with regret that we left Royan on sunday. Like last time, the festival had been amazing, we had met so many awesome people, eaten good food, listened to great music. It was a long drive back to the airport in Bordeaux, even a longer trip back to Norway with a lay-over in Amsterdam. It was akmost midnight when I finally got home. Very tired and with work at eight in the morning. I quickly fell asleep.

Beautiful French Coast

Beautiful view along the coast

From our visit to Crescendo two years ago.

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