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Oedo Onsen in Tokyo, Japan

I visited Oedo Onsen in January, 2016

Going to an Onsen (hot spring) is certainly one of the Japanese experiences you must try. Relaxing in the very hot water can be really nice, but for me it has mostly been a quick experience. Sitting around in hot water for an hour or so isn’t really my thing. I get bored, I leave. It can be nice for ten, fifteen minutes, but that’s it. Oedo Onsen was quite a different experience.

Oedo Onsen

Oedo Onsen

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Tokyo Cruise from Asakusa to Odaiba

I took a boat ride with Tokyo Cruise in January, 2015

The boat almost looked like something out of a science fiction movie. Long, sleek, all courners rounded. Most of it covered by large glass panels, perfect for taking in the view. I was boarding the boat in Asakusa, it would take me to Odaiba, a little over an hour’s ride. As the boat arrived, people got out, then the gate opened for us.

Tokyo Cruise

The boat

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Hanayashiki Amusement Park

I visited Hanayashiki Amusement Park in Asakusa in January, 2015

The rides are old, worn out, almost look unsafe, but this being Japan I am sure they are not. Paint is flaking off, the colors already faded. This amusement park has seen better days, but there is still lots of people here, mainly families with small kids. Most of the rides are for kids as well, no room for the large rides for adults here, Hanayashiki is in between the buildings in the middle of Asakusa. You can walk from one end to the other in one minute.


The entrance to Hanayashiki

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Book Review: One Summer

One Summer by Bill Bryson

I read One Summer by Bill Bryson in February 2016

The summer of 1927 was an extraordinary summer in America. Charles Lindbergh was the first one to fly non-stop across the pacific ocean, Babe Ruth was hitting home-runs like never before, America was the center of the world. The richest, most powerful country that ever existed. The stock market was booming, the future looked promising.

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