Evenaar Travel Book Store in Amsterdam

I visited Evenaar Travel Book Store in Amsterdam in May 2015

Whenever I am in Amsterdam, I always visit Evenaar, a wonderful travel book shop just next to Spui. It has a great selection in travel literature, and a very helpful staff. The whole store filled with travel books, from floor to ceiling, and all books arranged by country. Maybe not as beautiful as Daunt Books in London, but still a book store I love.

We stopped by Evenaar on our last day in Amsterdam, we had just had lunch. A great tasting ham and cream cheese bagel at Bagels & Beans, I was ready for some book shopping. I was looking for books about Japan and the Balkans. I did not allow myself to buy more than three, I had a limited budget.


The Asia section

Evenaar has an excellent selection of books about Japan, whenever I am here I find a new, interesting book. Books are sorted by country, by now I know where the Japanese section is. I always head there first. It did not take long before I found two books I wanted. A travel book and a Japanese novel. With a limited budget I did not want to buy too much, I quickly headed to the Balkan section before finding more books to buy.

The Balkan section of Evenaar is equally impressive. A large selection of travel books from the Balkans and novels by Balkan authors. There was so much I wanted to buy, I ended up with a book about the history of the Balkans. I had found my three books, was happy with my choice.


The entrance

I headed for the counter and paid. With the current week Norwegian Krone, prices were a bit higher than usual, but still not too expensive.

I put my newly purchased books in my bag and headed for Waterstones, another great book store in Amsterdam.


Evenaar Travel Book Store

Evenaar never disappoints, I always find interesting books there when I visit. I could spend hours in the store, and purchase hundreds of books there if my budget allowed it. For now I am happy with a quick visit and a few purchases every time I visit Amsterdam.

The books I got were:

Kansai Cool by Christal Whelan

The Sound of the Mountain by Yasunari Kawabata

Balkan Ghosts by Robert D. Kaplan

Book reviews will be posted on my blog as soon as I have read the books.


Inside the store

Evenaar is located at Singel 348, 1016 AG Amsterdam. It is not far from Spui, just across the Single Canal. It is open Monday to Saturday 12.30-1800. On sundays it is closed.

2 thoughts on “Evenaar Travel Book Store in Amsterdam

  1. Hanneke

    Ha, I don’t even know this shop – looks great, I have to check it out next time I’m home :) I do always go to Waterstones, and recently I discovered Scheltema (near the Dam, but this one might not be as good for those not speaking Dutch. They do have foreign books but not as big a selection). Thanks for the tip!

    1. Traveltorgeir Post author

      I love the store. Not that big, but a lot of English books. Next time I will check out Scheltema. Even if most books are in Dutch, I love book stores :-)


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