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Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France

I visited Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat in April 2014

It was warm, sunny, not a cloud in the sky. I walked through the streets of St. Jean. Soon the streets, the houses were gone, only nature left. Not untouched nature, a few ruins were standing here and there, remnants of old buildings, soon I found a concrete walkway following the waterfront.

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Shakespeare and Company in Paris

I visited Shakespeare and Company in Paris in April 2014

When I first arrived in Paris, visiting Shakespeare and Company was on top of my to-do list. For such a long time I had heard about the book store, I simply had to go and see it for myself. After checking in at the hotel, I set out for Shakespeare and Company.

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Fukuoka Castle

I visited Fukuoka Castle in March, 2014

I was on my way to Ohori Park in Fukuoka, I had been recommended a visit from someone I met the night before. It was a long walk from my hotel, I had stopped at a café about halfway there. Now I was getting closer.

I noticed a sign to Fukuoka Castle, it looked like it would be a little detour, but I had plenty of time. I decided to check it out. Ohori park lay to the right of me, I took the road to the left, up to the castle.

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Nezu Shrine in Tokyo

I visited Nezu Shrine in Tokyo in August, 2015

One of the reasons I love Tokyo so much is all the hidden treasure, the hidden places just waiting for you to find them. A serene park hidden amongst the high-rise, a nice little restaurant, a cool store or a beautiful shrine. Walking around in Tokyo, no map and no plan, can be a rewarding experience, you never know what you might find around the next corner.

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Lost on our way to Suzuka Circuit

I went to Japan Grand Prix at Suzuka Circuit in Oktober, 2012

Man, how I hate my friend right now, I thought as we walked along the sidewalk. At least we were out of the rice fields and had found some signs of civilisation, but still no sign of Suzuka Circuit. We could hear the Formula 1 cars in the distance, but we had heard them all day. Their sound really carries far.

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Lunch in Japan: The Bento Box

I had a Bento box on the train from Hiroshima to Hakata in March, 2014

As the train left Hiroshima behind, still almost two hours before it arrived in Hakata, I got settled in my seat, got my bento box and a can of beer out of my bag. A bento box containing oysters, a Hiroshima specialty. It smelled delicious, tasted even better.

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Book Review: The Cellist of Sarajevo

The Cellist of Sarajevo by Steven Galloway

I read The Cellist of Sarajevo in April 2016

The Cellist of Sarajevo is Galloway’s, a teacher of creative writing at the University of British Colombia, third novel, and deals with the siege of Sarajevo during the Balkan Civil War. Based on true events from the war, the book is still a work of fiction and makes no claim that whatever is written is a description of actual events.

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