Book Review: Tales of Iceland

Tales of Iceland or Running with the Huldufólk in the Permanent Daylight by Stephen Markley

I read Tales of Iceland by Stephen Markley in May 2016

Ever since he, as a university student, heard Quentin Tarantino speak of Iceland, a country where supermodels worked at McDonald’s, Stephen Markley had wanted to go to Iceland. But as things always got in the way, it took a while to realise his dream.

Seven years later he is ready to go, for 2½ weeks he will travel through Iceland with his two friends Bojo and Trin. First exploring the nightlife of Reykjavik, they then rent a car to see more of Iceland and what the island has to offer. When returning to Reykjavik again they meet the comedian who found himself elected Mayor of Reykjavik, his platform of free towels in all swimming pools seemingly doing the trick.

Tales of Iceland by Stephen Markley

Tales of Iceland

With limited knowledge of the country, Markley takes us on a trip through Iceland. As we follow the friends on their nights out in Reykjavik, their road trip through the country, run-ins with other travellers, stops to take in the beautiful Icelandic nature, and a visit to the Blue Lagoon, we get to see a side of Iceland a bit different from the guide books.

The book is written in a casual and laid-back style. The authors skips back and forth, and often loses track of the story for several pages before returning. It is also a funny book, I found myself laughing out loud several times while reading, although the humour can be a bit juvenile at times.

For a view of Iceland a bit different from the glossy travel tales of Iceland, Tales of Iceland is a book worth reading. Well written, funny and interesting. At just a little over 200 pages, it is a short book, and an easy read.

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