King & Mouse Whisky Bar in Vilnius

I visited King & Mouse Whisky Bar in Vilnius in May 2016

Their whisky menu was impressive. Page after page listing different brands of whisky, all sorted geographically. Every whisky region in Scotland had its own page. Ireland had some pages, then followed country after country. Some of them not that known for their whisky. There was simply too much too choose from, I had no idea where to begin.

I discovered their Japanese selection in the back of the menu, decided I should stick to whisky from Japan. Ordered a Nikka whisky and a local beer as a chaser, sat down by one of the whisky barrels that served as tables here. Had a sniff of the whisky, smelled delicious. Tasted it. It tasted great.

King & Mouse Whisky Bar in Vilnius

Part of their menu

The King & Mouse is a whisky bar in Vilnius. Located on Traku Gatve, only a short walk from the cathedral, it should be on every whisky lover’s bucketlist when visiting Lithuania. With hundreds of whiskies on offer in a charming bar with a great atmosphere, it quickly became one of my regular bars to visit on nights out. It is open tuesday to saturday from 5 pm, and closes 1 am tuesday and wednesday, 2 am thursday and 4 am friday and saturday. There is also a whisky store on the premises if you like to bring your favorite whisky home with you.

I tried a few more whiskies from Japan before leaving, having a chat with some customers and the bartenders as I drank them. The bartenders had lots of knowledge on their whiskies, giving me interesting facts about the spirit I was drinking.

King & Mouse Whisky Bar in Vilnius

My set. Japanese whisky and Lithuanian beer

The King & Mouse in Vilnius is a great little whisky bar worth a visit if you like whisky. If you are not a whisky fan, a visit here would be of less value. This bar is all about whisky. Don’t expect to get through their whole menu though, it is simply too big.

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