I have moved to Sweden

I moved to Sweden in January 2017

I am writing this in my new apartment in Hammarbyhöjden in Stockholm. It is my second day in Sweden, or more like my first day in fact. I came here very late last evening. After arriving at my new home I only had time to quickly unpack the stuff I needed today, then I went to sleep. This morning I went to my new job for the first time, a 20-minute metro ride from my apartment. I know it is early to tell yet, but so far I have a good feeling about the job. Hopefully I will be as optimistic about living in Sweden in a few months time as I am now.

It was only fitting that after doing the job interview on Skype, I also found an apartment on skype. After numerous request, I finally got an answer, a shared apartment, quite cheap, not too far from where I would work. After a few e-mails back and forth we agreed to talk on skype. A little more communication than just writing would be nice if we were to share a flat. I crossed my fingers, hoped we would get along. The rental market for apartments in Stockholm is horrible. I did not want to start sending out e-mail requests for places to live again.

My apartment in Hammarbyhöjden

My new home

I have never really been to Stockholm before I moved to Sweden. I was there when I was a toddler, and one time 15 years ago for a concert. We arrived just before the concert and left right after, giving me no time to see the city. I felt I needed to get to know the city a little before moving here and arranged for a five day trip to the city a month ago. A chance to see Stockholm before I moved here. I was excited to see my new home town.

I've moved to Sweden


A week before I went there I had found a place to stay, the one I was hoping for. After two conversations on Skype we both felt we could share an apartment, I signed the lease and transferred the deposit. My first chance to see the place would be in six days.

New Year’s was strange this year. I knew I was moving on New Year’s Day. My plane would leave in the evening. On January 2nd I would start my new job. It was a time filled with excitement and anxiety. Up until just a few days before I had been all relaxed about my move. Everything would be fine, I found Stockholm to be an amazing city. But when the move is just days away the butterflies in my stomack started flying around. Would I like it in Stockholm? Maybe I would love it. Or maybe I would hate it. Could this be the last time I lived in Trondheim? Or would I come back in a few years, tired of Stockholm and wanting to go home to my family or friends? Only time will tell I guess. Still, it was hard to enjoy the New Year’s party. My move was looming ahead of me, overshadowing everything else.

I've moved to Sweden

Gamla Stan in Stockholm

I was sitting in a bar in Stockholm, it had been a long day, I needed some time to sit down and take in all my impressions. It was my first day of my weekend trip to Stockholm, in a month I would move here, this weekend was my only chance to get to know the city in advance. So far I was impressed. I found Stockholm beautiful, interesting and certainly a place I could see myself living in. I had found many cool bars, book stores and restaurants. I was really anticipating my move now.

Hammarbyhöjden Metro Station

Hammarbyhöjden Metro Station

Moving to Stockholm seems like the right decision for me at this point in my life. I love Trondheim, but it is quite a small town, and after the last nine years living there it is time to move on, try living someplace else. Stockholm seems like the right place for me at this point in my life. Stay tuned for more stories about Stockholm on my blog. I am sure it is a city I will cover extensively in the future.

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