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A Christmas Market in Kyiv, Ukraine

I visited the Christmas Market in Kyiv during Orthodox Christmas in January 2017

I arrived in Kyiv thinking Christmas was over. It was the first weekend in January, I had returned to work after my Christmas holiday, presents were opened and forgotten, I was ready for a new year. But the first place I visited in Kyiv was the Christmas market. Suddenly I found my Christmas spirit again. Christmas decorations everywhere, glühwein, some delicious christmas food. All of a sudden Santa Claus would walk by. Russian Santa that is, dressed in blue but with an equally long beard. The market really conveyed christmas spirit, something I thought I had lost a week ago.

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The Caves of Pechersk Lavra

I visited the monastery Pechersk Lavra in Kyiv in January 2017

I had to crouch down as we walked through the caves. My guide walking in front of me, I was following with a small candle in my hand for light. My guide would usually walk at a speed fast enough to extinguish my candle if I tried to follow. I would shield the tiny flame with my hand, trying to keep up as best I could. Many other people were exploring the caves as well, a few with guides, most people on their own. I was glad I chose to hire a guide, the information she provided was worth the few Euros I paid many times over.

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A walk to The Ukrainian Holodomor Memorial

I visited The Ukrainian Genocide Holodomor Memorial in January 2017

It was so cold. The temperature was slowly creeping down towards -20° Celcius. Every now and then a gush of wind would come, making it even colder. I tucked myself as far into my jacket as I could, wrapped my scarf around my face, only my eyes were uncovered. Kept walking down the snow covered road. I was on my way to the Ukrainian Genocide Holodomer Memorial, a 45 minute walk from my apartment. I could have taken the bus but just love walking through new and unexplored cities. Even in freezing temperatures I refused to take the bus. There was just so much to see.

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A Walking Tour in Kyiv

I visited Kyiv and tried Kiev Private Tours in January 2017

I had not chosen the best time to come to Kyiv. It was the first weekend in January, it was cold, the temperature was creeping down to -20 degrees Celsius. Even with a thick jacket, a beanie, scarf and gloves I always felt cold. My phone and GoPro would stop working at times, they simply got too cold, I needed to keep both close to my body to warm them up. Made it hard to take pictures. It was also Orthodox Christmas and many museums and bars were closed. Still I had a great time in this wonderful city and would love to return in the spring or summer.

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Ramen Burger in Kyiv, Ukraine

I visited Ramen Burger Restaurant in Kyiv, Ukraine in January 2017

It is not always that mixing two good things leads to something better. Especialy when it comes to food. In Sweden having banana on pizza seems to be a big thing. It has never been to my liking. When visiting Kyiv I found another peculiar mix. The Ramen Burger. A burger where the bread is replaced by Ramen. The burger is prepared like any other burger, Except you replace the bread with ramen. The ramen needed to be fried a bit before serving to obtain a bread-like consistency. I was sceptical, but had to try it. Ordered my meal with low expectations, so low it would take a lot for me to be disappointed.

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The Nikka Bar. Whisky and Cocktails in Kyiv

I visited Nikka Bar in Kyiv in January 2017

‘Come on my friend, why don’t you come sit in the bar.’ The bartender looked at me, pointed to one of the chairs in the bar. They were all taken, but some quick words in Ukrainian from the bartender and one of the regulars vacated his seat, made room for me. I took my drink, moved over to the bar, sat down. Only a minute later we were all engaged in conversation.

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Puzata Hata. Ukrainian food in Kyiv

I visited Puzata Hata in Kyiv for some great Ukrainian food in January 2017

I chose a vegetable soup, some local sausages and a chicken Kiev, I was in Kyiv you know. Added some bread, in one of the breads a potato and onion stew was baked into it. Cucumber mayo as a sauce. Ice tea to drink and a slice of cherry cake for dessert. A lunch large enough for me and all for only a few dollars. I found a seat at an empty table and started eating. Proper Ukrainian food at a restaurant frequented by locals. It was very tasty. I was at Puzata Hata, a traditional Ukrainian restaurant serving authentic local food.

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Book Review: Breasts and Eggs

I read Breasts and Eggs by Mieko Kawakami in January 2017

Breasts and Eggs is the second novella of Japanese author Mieko Kawakami and was published in 2008. In the book we meet Natsu, a single woman living in one of Tokyo’s poorer neighbourhoods. The book begins with Mieko going to the train station to pick up her sister Makiko and her daughter Midoriko who are visiting Tokyo from Osaka. Makiko is coming to Tokyo to look into getting breast implants while Midorika has stopped talking and only communicates with the rest of the world through her notebook.

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A Party at Output Rock Bar in Naha

I visited Output Rock Bar in Naha, Okinawa in September 2016

It did not feel like a bar or night club at all, it felt like a private party. Just a group of friends getting together to play some good tunes, talk and enjoy themselves. It just so happened to be that they did this in a bar in Naha. And I was invited and immediately accepted as one of them. I was sitting on a bar stool, a beer in my hand, feeling very happy. This is what I travel for. This is why I love to leave the comfort of my home. To meet new people, make friends across the globe. Learn about a place through my interactions with the local citizens. I was having a great time, and had a smile on my face impossible to wipe off.

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