Bobby Fischer, the Chess Player

Bobby Fischer

Bobby Fischer is one of the most known chess players of all times. From a poor American family he rose to the pinnacle of the chess world, winning the World Championship in 1972. From there followed a steady period of decline until he was arrested at Narita Airport in Tokyo in 2004. After spending almost a year in Japanese detention, he was rewarded a citizenship by Japan, and spent his last years in that small country up north. He died in Iceland in January 2008 and was buried just outside Selfoss, a small town in South Iceland.

The Bobby Fischer Center

From the Bobby Fischer Center in Selfoss, Iceland

My blog posts about the World Champion

When visiting Iceland in March 2016 I had to pay a visit to his grave and the museum that has opened nearby. One of my days in Iceland I dedicated to Bobby Fischer.

I started by visiting Bobby Fischer’s grave at a small chapel outside Selfoss. I was not the first chess enthusiast to visit, already a chess piece lay by the grave.

Bobby Fischer’s Grave

I then headed for the Bobby Fischer Center in Selfoss, a museum dedicated to him, but it was closed and would not open for another hour or two. That gave me a chance to explore the town of Selfoss, a small town, with not much to offer.

Selfoss, Iceland

Finally the Bobby Fischer Center opened, giving me a chance to learn more of the famouns Chess World Championship held in Iceland, as well as of Fischer’s last years in Iceland.

The Bobby Fischer Center in Selfoss, Iceland

At last, back in Reykjavik, I visited Bokin, my favorite second hand book store in Iceland, and also a favorite on Bobby Fischer. This is where he would spend his days, reading any book he found interesting.

Bokin in Reykjavik. A Second Hand Book Store

If you are interested in reading more about Bobby Fischer I recommend the book Endgame by Frank Brady, a book I have reviewed on my blog.

These are my blog posts about Bobby Fischer and Iceland. I hope you enjoyed them

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