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Cili Pizza Restaurant

I visited Cili Pizza in Vilnius in May 2016 and in Riga in March 2017

The restaurant was almost empty when we sat down, a little late for lunch but early for dinner I guess. We got an empty seat by the window, a great view of the street outside, the waitress came not long after to take our order. I ordered a glass of red wine and a pepperoni pizza.

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King & Mouse Whisky Bar in Vilnius

I visited King & Mouse Whisky Bar in Vilnius in May 2016

Their whisky menu was impressive. Page after page listing different brands of whisky, all sorted geographically. Every whisky region in Scotland had its own page. Ireland had some pages, then followed country after country. Some of them not that known for their whisky. There was simply too much too choose from, I had no idea where to begin.
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Užupis Republic in Vilnius

I visited Užupis in Vilnius in May, 2016

It was a beautiful, sunny day, people were sitting outside at every cafe I passed. The Old City of Vilnius looked beautiful in the sunlight, the old white and light colored walls shining. My airbnb hosts had given me directions to Užupiz: Head in the direction of the river, that way (as she pointed down the street). When you cross the river you are there.

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Europe Day in Vilnius

I visited Europe Day in Vilnius in May 2016

I had arrived in Vilnius the day before, had lunch in this street, it was still open for traffic then. Today the whole street was closed off, only pedestrians allowed. Stands were set up all along one side of the road, selling food from the different European nations. The whole street smelled delicious. The street was crowded, many were out to sample some of the beer and food from all over Europe. Today was Europe Day, and tomorrow and the day after, in fact, and Vilnius was throwing a festival.

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Prie Katedros Brewery Restaurant in Vilnius

I visited Prie Katedros in Vilnius, Lithuania in May 2016

I started with their blonde ale, called Prie Katedros Light. It was hot, the sun was shining, a nice, cold blonde ale seemed just right at the moment. I took a large sip. The beer was good, nothing fancy, but in the sun and heat it was perfect. A little sweet but easy to drink. I settled back in my chair, relaxed. Just watching the people around me.

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The Three Crosses in Vilnius

I visited the Three Crosses in Vilnius in May, 2016

Clearly I had chosen the wrong way up. A steep hill to get to the top, there were wodden stairs but many of them were broken. I had to pay attention to where I put my feet. I did not trust the woodwork. As I got to the top, I was breathing heavily, my thighs were on fire, I saw there was a road up to the top on the other side, nowhere near as steep as the stairs.

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Gediminas’ Castle. Vilnius, Lithuania.

I visited Gediminas’ Castle in Vilnius in May, 2016

Gediminas’ Castle is easily spotted from near the cathedral in Vilnius, resting on top of a hill, visible in all directions. Now mostly a ruin, a small portion of it has been rebuilt or restored, the tower reconstructed in 1930 the most easily visible structure from below.

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