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A Christmas Market in Gamla Stan, Stockholm

I visited the Christmas Market in Gamla Stan in Stockholm in December 2016

Gamla Stan (The Old Town) in Stockholm is beautiful. Old stone houses lining picturesque streets. Narrow alleyways twisting and turning around the buildings. The Royal Castle at one end, a massive building, constantly watched by the King’s Guards. It was my first time in Stockholm in thirty years, I was staying in the middle of Gamla Stan. As soon as I had checked into my airbnb-apartment I set out to explore. I was walking through the streets, no plan in mind. Just getting my first look at the city. Taking in the views. There was so much to see. Some many places to stop and admire. In a month this would be my home town. I was anxious to see what Stockholm had to offer.

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I have moved to Sweden

I moved to Sweden in January 2017

I am writing this in my new apartment in Hammarbyhöjden in Stockholm. It is my second day in Sweden, or more like my first day in fact. I came here very late last evening. After arriving at my new home I only had time to quickly unpack the stuff I needed today, then I went to sleep. This morning I went to my new job for the first time, a 20-minute metro ride from my apartment. I know it is early to tell yet, but so far I have a good feeling about the job. Hopefully I will be as optimistic about living in Sweden in a few months time as I am now.

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I am moving to Stockholm, Sweden

I moved to Stockholm, Sweden in January 2017.

When I put down the phone it started to dawn on me. Little by little. This was a big decision I had made, life-changing. And I had made it without really thinking it through. Things had happened so fast, no chance to think. I had been on holiday in Japan and Taiwan most of the time as well. Had I made the right decision?

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Chasing Childhood Memories

I visited Storsjöbadet outside Östersund in May, 2015

I still remember going to Storsjöbadet, an aqua park outside Östersund, Sweden, when I was younger. I remember the anticipation of going there, this almost limitless place of fun water activities. How I would spend the entire day there, trying all the slides, swimming in all the pools, trying the slides again. When I was younger it was one of my favorite places to visit, the problem was that it was a four-hour car ride away, and in another country. It must be twenty years since the last time I was there.

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Back Home From Östersund

I took a trip to Östersund in May, 2015

I have arrived back home after a great weekend in Östersund. A cosy little town in the middle of Sweden, we found some good restaurants and bars, saw most of the sights and met some nice people. We even had time for a swim at Storsjöbadet, the local swimming pool and aqua park. Now it is time to head home, go over my notes and write some longer posts about my trip to Östersund.

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Spring has come to Östersund

I visited Östersund and witnessed its spring bloom in May 2015

Today we went to Storsjöbadet, an aqua park just outside Östersund. Instead of tking the bus there, we decidd to walk along the lake. It was a beautiful day, flowers started to appear on the forest floor. I did not mind we got lost and took a five kilometer long detour.

Here are some pictures from our walk today. As we walkdthrough th forest, the ground was covered in beautiful flowers. It seems that spring finally has come to Östersund.

Spring in Östersund

Flowers are blooming in the forest

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Some pictures from Östersund

I visited Östersund by the Storsjö lake in May 2015

We arrived in Östersund today, and after a quick nap in our hotel room we set out to explore the city. We took a walk through the city, walked along the Storsjö lake, then stopped to grab a beer at a local bar. We are going out to eat soon, so I have no time to write, but here are some pictures from pictures from my day so far.
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