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The Siege of Dubrovnik

I visited Dubrovnik in August, 2010

In 1991 Croatia, Bosnia and Slovenia seceded from the Yugoslav Federation. In response the Yugoslav Army (JNA), by then mostly run by Serbs, started an offensive on the three countries. The pretext was to protect local Serbs living in in of the three countries. The war in Slovenia, JNA’s first target would be over in days, Slovenia successfully claiming its independency, while the war in Bosnia and Croatia would drag on much longer.

The siege of Dubrovnik

View of Dubrovnik

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Sarajevo City Hall

I visited Sarajevo City Hall in March, 2015

On August 25, 1992, Serb forces started shelling the National Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina, ending with it being burned to the ground. A huge number of rare books, priceless manuscripts and a large collection of Bosnian serial publications were lost. The Sarajevo Fire Department found itself under constant fire when trying to put the flames out and only a small number of books and publications managed to be saved. At least one person died, killed by sniper fire, when trying to save some of the books.
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Book review: Sarajevo Marlboro

Sarajevo Marlboro by Miljenko Jergovic

I read Sarajevo Marlboro by Miljenko Jergovic in April 2015

As an avid reader, I will also post book reviews on my blog, usually connected with places I have been or places I am planning to go. Reading books about places where I am traveling I have found to be of great value. Learning about a city or country through its literature I find greatly rewarding, both before I go and after I return.

My first book review will be of Sarajevo Marlboro, set in Sarajevo during the Bosnian war.

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The Sarajevo War Tunnel Museum

I visited the Sarajevo War Tunnel Museum in April, 2015

Travelblog from Sarajevo

The Sarajevo War Tunnel Museum

‘Fuck war! FUCK WAR!’ The driver yelled. ‘War only good for criminals and for crazy people. Fuck war! Fuck!’ He was becoming louder and louder, gesturing so much his hands barely touched the steering wheel any more. He continued. ‘Fuck we should do instead. Not war. Fuck! Yes. I tell you. We should fuck! Fuck beautiful women! I know. War is bad, very bad. Sex is good, very good.’ He gradually calmed down. Gave a little laugh before continuing on his story.

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Sarajevo from above at Avaz Twist Tower

The following happened in March 2015

This evening, my excellent guide took me first to Avaz Twist Tower for a superb birds eye view of Sarajevo, then to the revolving restaurant on top of Radon Plaza for a great meal. Recommended for any visitor to Sarajevo! The view from the tower is great, you can see the whole city of Sarajevo, and the food at Radon Plaza was excellent. Here are some pictures from my evening.

Avaz Twist Tower

Avaz Twist Tower

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Written just before my trip to Sarajevo in March 2015

When I was young, I remember Sarajevo and Bosnia from the news. Pictures and videos of bombed out buildings, refugees on the run, crying women and children. A country torn apart by civil war. In history class at school we then learned about the shots in Sarajevo and how this episode became the start of the First World War. Since then, the city has fascinated me and I have always wanted to go there. A city steeped in history, a meeting place of different civilizations, a melting pot of religion and ethniticity.

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