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Revisiting Lorelei in Tokyo

I visited Lorelei again in July 2015

Lorelei lies at the bottom of a spiral staircase. I walked down and entered through the door. As soon as I entered the owner let out a scream and ran towards me. I stopped, put on a big smile. As she reached me she gave me a big hug. Just the sort of welcome I love.

Lorelei, a German bar in Tokyo

With one of the waitresses

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Dogo Beer in Matsuyama

I visited Matsuyama and drank Dogo Beer in July, 2015

“One gulp of beer taken just after a bath is the time you feel most refreshed. ”

The sign stood outside Dogo Biiru Kan Brewery Restaurant, only meters from Dogo Onsen. I had just finished my bath in the onsen, and a beer and maybe some food certainly sounded refreshing. I went inside.

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Himeji Oktoberfest in Japan

I visited Himeji Oktoberfest in July, 2015

After my visit to Himeji Castle I was very tired and very hot. Summer in Japan can be quite warm, and walking around in an ancient castle with no air-condition, but jam-packet with people, does not help. All I wanted was to sit down, rest, have some food and a cold beer.

I headed from the castle towards the city looking for a restaurant or bar. Just outside the castle grounds I found something even better: Oktoberfest.

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Dublin’s Literary Pub Crawl

I went to Dublin’s Literary Pub Crawl in July, 2014

Dublin is a city of beer, pubs and literature. Only the mention of the name Dublin will make people world-wide think of Guinness. And lovers of literature will also think of Dublin’s many authors; Joyce, Behan, Shaw, Swift, Yeats, Wilde and Stoker.

Outside the Duke during The Dublin Literary Pub Crawl

Outside the Duke, waiting to move on

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I visited the Warrior Celt in Ueno, Tokyo several times in March 2014.

Trains in Tokyo don’t run at night. If you are out drinking and miss your last train home you can take a taxi if you live close, or find another place to sleep.

A capsule hotel is one solution. Another is to find a bar which allows their patrons to sleep at the table.

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Lorelei, a German bar in Tokyo

I visited Lorelei, a German bar in Tokyo, both in October 2012 and March 2014.

There is a wonderful German bar in Tokyo called Lorelei. You can find it in a basement in Ginza. It can be quite tricky to find, but offers a great experience. In lies in the west of Ginza, between the Yamanote line and Taimei Elementary school, on the way from Ginza towards Tokyo Station. It is in a basement, the entrance right next to a tobacco store. We found it by chance on my first trip to Japan, I have had to look for it on later visits.

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One day, three countries, three beers

The following episode took place in April 2014

Weihenstephaner in Monaco

Never have I had a more expensive beer! Seventeen Euro for a beer is just insane. It doesn’t matter if it is a Weihenstephaner, served at Café de Paris just outside the casino in Monaco. The price is ridiculous.

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