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Fukuoka Castle

I visited Fukuoka Castle in March, 2014

I was on my way to Ohori Park in Fukuoka, I had been recommended a visit from someone I met the night before. It was a long walk from my hotel, I had stopped at a café about halfway there. Now I was getting closer.

I noticed a sign to Fukuoka Castle, it looked like it would be a little detour, but I had plenty of time. I decided to check it out. Ohori park lay to the right of me, I took the road to the left, up to the castle.

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Himeji Castle

I visited Himeji Castle in July, 2015.

Himeji Castle is visible the instant you exit Himeji train station. A long, straight road, lined by trees, go straight from the station to the castle. The castle sits atop a hill, shining white, glistening like a jewel in the sunshine. Beautiful. It is easy to see why the castle is nick-named Shirasagi-jo or White Heron Castle.

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