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First day at Fuji Rock Festival

I went to Fuji Rock Festival in July, 2015

This post is dedicated to Lemmy. May you rest in unpeace. It was written before his death and I have decided not to change it.

Mötorhead was one of the bands I had really wanted to see at the festival. I saw them in Brisbane in 2007, the concert was awesome. I could not wait to see them again. They were the second to last band on the main stage that night, I got a good spot just outside the moshpit to see them.
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Another visit to Crescendo Prog Festival

I visited Crescendo Prog Festival in August, 2015

As soon as we arrived we where greeted with smiles and hugs. People had loved us two years ago, it felt good to be back. We arrived in Royan, close to Bordeaux just in time for the festival, only time to drop our bags where we would sleep, make sure to bring the merchandice, head over to the festival.

Crescendo Prog Festival

Crescendo Prog Festival

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Book Review: Sixty-Nine

Sixty-Nine By Ryu Murakami

I read Sixty-Nine by Ryu Murakami in June 2015

Ryu Murakami has often been called the Japanese Brett Easton Ellis, his novels filled with sex, drugs, crime and the Japanese underworld. Sixty-Nine is his third novel, first published in 1987. The novel a coming-of-age story with autobiographical elements.

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Omizutori, a Festival in Nara

I went to Omizutori in Nara in March, 2014.

I never like to plan my trips too much. I usually have a list of things I like to do, but have no plan of completing the list. I’m always open for new ideas and plans when travelling.

I ended up in Nara by chance, and as it turned out I could not have come on a better day.

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Crescendo Prog Festival

We visited Crescendo Prog Festival for the first time in August 2013.

The Crescendo Festival is held every year in the small town of St. Palais-Sur-Mer, just outside Royan, in Rocheford on France’s western coast. Royan is a small, seaside resort town in an urban area of about 37.000 people. The Crescendo festival has been held here every third weekend in August since 1999. Lately there has also been a Crescendo festival in French Guyana but due to financial difficulties, this festival has not been held every year.

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