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Himeji Oktoberfest in Japan

I visited Himeji Oktoberfest in July, 2015

After my visit to Himeji Castle I was very tired and very hot. Summer in Japan can be quite warm, and walking around in an ancient castle with no air-condition, but jam-packet with people, does not help. All I wanted was to sit down, rest, have some food and a cold beer.

I headed from the castle towards the city looking for a restaurant or bar. Just outside the castle grounds I found something even better: Oktoberfest.

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Himeji Castle

I visited Himeji Castle in July, 2015.

Himeji Castle is visible the instant you exit Himeji train station. A long, straight road, lined by trees, go straight from the station to the castle. The castle sits atop a hill, shining white, glistening like a jewel in the sunshine. Beautiful. It is easy to see why the castle is nick-named Shirasagi-jo or White Heron Castle.

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A game of chess in Okayama

I played a game of chess in Okayama in July 2015.

Neither one of us gained much of an advantage in the opening, I was afraid he might be slightly ahead but it looked very equal. I wondered how good he was, if I would lose again. My confidence, after Osaka, wasn’t very high. I needed this win. I took one more look on the board and castled. My king was safe, I was ready.

Chess in Okayama

A game of chess in Okayama

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