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Book Review: Coin Locker Babies

Coin Locker Babies by Ryu Murakami

I read Coin Locker Babies by Ryu urakami in June 2016

Coin Locker Babies is  a novel by Ryu Murakami, first published in 1980 in Japan, and translated into English in 1995.

Murakami is known for his dark, gritty books, and Coin Locker Babies does not disappoint. The book introduces us to Toxitown, a neighboorhood in Tokyo known both for its toxicity and its black market, where everything is for sale. Drawn to this place are the two orphans, Hashi and Kiku, coin locker babies who were left by their mothers in coin lockers at a train station. Growing up in an orphanage they then move to fosterparents in Kyushu before running away to Tokyo when they turn 16.

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Evenaar Travel Book Store in Amsterdam

I visited Evenaar Travel Book Store in Amsterdam in May 2015

Whenever I am in Amsterdam, I always visit Evenaar, a wonderful travel book shop just next to Spui. It has a great selection in travel literature, and a very helpful staff. The whole store filled with travel books, from floor to ceiling, and all books arranged by country. Maybe not as beautiful as Daunt Books in London, but still a book store I love.

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Book Review: Forbidden Colours

Forbidden Colours by Yukio Mishima

I read Forbidden Colours by Yukio Mishima in March 2016

Forbidden Colours is a book by Japanese author Yukio Mishima published in 1951. Mishima is considered one of the most important authors of Japanese 20th century literature, and although he was never awarded a Nobel Prize in Literature he was considered several times. His books blended the modern and traditional, focusing on death, sexuality and Japanese nationalism.

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Jimbocho, Tokyo. Booklover’s Heaven

I visited Jimbocho in Tokyo in July, 2015

I have always loved books, always been an avid reader. My love goes back to when I was a child, when my mum would use to read to me before I went to bed. As I have grown older my love for books have stayed with me, and now I always try to combine my love for books and my love for travel.



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Dublin’s Literary Pub Crawl

I went to Dublin’s Literary Pub Crawl in July, 2014

Dublin is a city of beer, pubs and literature. Only the mention of the name Dublin will make people world-wide think of Guinness. And lovers of literature will also think of Dublin’s many authors; Joyce, Behan, Shaw, Swift, Yeats, Wilde and Stoker.

Outside the Duke during The Dublin Literary Pub Crawl

Outside the Duke, waiting to move on

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Book review: Sarajevo Marlboro

Sarajevo Marlboro by Miljenko Jergovic

I read Sarajevo Marlboro by Miljenko Jergovic in April 2015

As an avid reader, I will also post book reviews on my blog, usually connected with places I have been or places I am planning to go. Reading books about places where I am traveling I have found to be of great value. Learning about a city or country through its literature I find greatly rewarding, both before I go and after I return.

My first book review will be of Sarajevo Marlboro, set in Sarajevo during the Bosnian war.

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