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Dogo Koen in Matsuyama, Japan

I visited Matsuyama and Dogo Koen (Dogo Park) in July, 2015

Even in the rain, the park was beautiful. It was a gray day, had been raining for hours, everything in Matsuyama looked grey and bleak. After days with sun and clear skies, the weather did affect my impressions of Matsuyama, did dampen my enthusiasm.

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Dogo Beer in Matsuyama

I visited Matsuyama and drank Dogo Beer in July, 2015

“One gulp of beer taken just after a bath is the time you feel most refreshed. ”

The sign stood outside Dogo Biiru Kan Brewery Restaurant, only meters from Dogo Onsen. I had just finished my bath in the onsen, and a beer and maybe some food certainly sounded refreshing. I went inside.

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Dogo Onsen in Matsuyama

I visited Dogo Onsen in July, 2015

According to legend, the hot spring (onsen) at Dogo was discovered back in ancient times when an injured white heron healed itself in the hot spring. Suffering from an injured shin, the heron soaked its wing in the water every day until one day the bird was healed and flew away. Word quickly spread through Japan about the water’s ability to heal.

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A game of chess in Okayama

I played a game of chess in Okayama in July 2015.

Neither one of us gained much of an advantage in the opening, I was afraid he might be slightly ahead but it looked very equal. I wondered how good he was, if I would lose again. My confidence, after Osaka, wasn’t very high. I needed this win. I took one more look on the board and castled. My king was safe, I was ready.

Chess in Okayama

A game of chess in Okayama

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