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Layer’s in Nagoya: The Best Burger I ever had

I visited Layer’s in Nagoya and had the best burger of my life in October, 2012

Fighter by day
Lover by night
Drunkard by choice

The chef’s choice of apparel, those words written on the back of his denim vest, made us laugh, but not expect much when it came to the food. As soon as we bit into our burgers we were proven wrong.

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Lost on our way to Suzuka Circuit

I went to Japan Grand Prix at Suzuka Circuit in Oktober, 2012

Man, how I hate my friend right now, I thought as we walked along the sidewalk. At least we were out of the rice fields and had found some signs of civilisation, but still no sign of Suzuka Circuit. We could hear the Formula 1 cars in the distance, but we had heard them all day. Their sound really carries far.

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