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Oedo Onsen in Tokyo, Japan

I visited Oedo Onsen in January, 2016

Going to an Onsen (hot spring)┬áis certainly one of the Japanese experiences you must try. Relaxing in the very hot water can be really nice, but for me it has mostly been a quick experience. Sitting around in hot water for an hour or so isn’t really my thing. I get bored, I leave. It can be nice for ten, fifteen minutes, but that’s it. Oedo Onsen was quite a different experience.

Oedo Onsen

Oedo Onsen

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Tokyo Cruise from Asakusa to Odaiba

I took a boat ride with Tokyo Cruise in January, 2015

The boat almost looked like something out of a science fiction movie. Long, sleek, all courners rounded. Most of it covered by large glass panels, perfect for taking in the view. I was boarding the boat in Asakusa, it would take me to Odaiba, a little over an hour’s ride. As the boat arrived, people got out, then the gate opened for us.

Tokyo Cruise

The boat

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