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Dogo Koen in Matsuyama, Japan

I visited Matsuyama and Dogo Koen (Dogo Park) in July, 2015

Even in the rain, the park was beautiful. It was a gray day, had been raining for hours, everything in Matsuyama looked grey and bleak. After days with sun and clear skies, the weather did affect my impressions of Matsuyama, did dampen my enthusiasm.

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A walk in Daan Park, Taipei

I visited Daan Park in Taipei, Taiwan in September 2016

The sun is shining, it is a warm day. Daan Park looks beautiful in the sunshine. Here and there trees provide shade, a chance to get away from the hot sunlight. People are sitting on the grass under the trees. Chatting. Or sleeping. Squirrels are running around on the grass, between the trees. Seemingly not afraid of humans at all.

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Hiroshima Week 7: Shukkei-en

I visited Shukkei-en Hiroshima in March 2014.

Shukkei-en is a beautiful park in Hiroshima. As so much else in the city, destroyed by the bomb, then rebuilt.

It was March when I visited, the weather was getting warmer. It was a beautiful day, sunny, almost no clouds. Still not too varm, but with a jacket I was far from cold.

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Getting Local Advice in Amsterdam

The following episode based on local advice in Amsterdam took place in July, 2014

‘You know,’ he says. His English perfect, just like all Dutch people. ‘I’ve been coming here ever since it opened. Almost thirty years now. This is where I would come with my friends after work. We would have a beer, chat about life and then go home. Back then this place was a quiet local pub. Now….’ He looks around and points at the crowd.

The place is packed with tourists drinking beer. Noisy, drunk, animated. We are sitting on a bench a little bit away from the crowd, my friend and I, with the married couple we just met. They are in their early sixties, well dressed, sipping each their beer.

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