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Sightseeing in Sarajevo

I went sightseeing in Sarajevo in March and April 2015

Sightseeing in Sarajevo

The place where World War One started

Today, I have been guided around the Bosnian capital by a local friend of my mum. I have seen the old town of Bašcaršija, an old Ottoman market, the rebuilt City Hall, several old mosques and churches as well as places of historical interest. Sarajevo seems like a very interesting city, and I can’t wait to explore more of it in the coming days. A longer description will follow, but I will share some pictures from my day sightseeing in Sarajevo with you.

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Arrived at my airbnb in Sarajevo

I used airbnb in Sarajevo in March and April 2015

After a long day of travelling I have finally arrived in Sarajevo

It took me twelve hours from leaving my apartment in Trondheim, four flights and four countries. Direct flights to Sarajevo are not the most frequent flights from Trondheim. I changed flights in Oslo, Stockholm and Vienna but at last I have arrived. I was picked up at Sarajevo Airport by my airbnb—host. Excellent service. If only my bag had arrived as well, apparently it is still in Vienna. I am hoping it will arrive tomorrow.


A rainy day in Stockholm

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Written just before my trip to Sarajevo in March 2015

When I was young, I remember Sarajevo and Bosnia from the news. Pictures and videos of bombed out buildings, refugees on the run, crying women and children. A country torn apart by civil war. In history class at school we then learned about the shots in Sarajevo and how this episode became the start of the First World War. Since then, the city has fascinated me and I have always wanted to go there. A city steeped in history, a meeting place of different civilizations, a melting pot of religion and ethniticity.

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