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Lunch in Japan: The Bento Box

I had a Bento box on the train from Hiroshima to Hakata in March, 2014

As the train left Hiroshima behind, still almost two hours before it arrived in Hakata, I got settled in my seat, got my bento box and a can of beer out of my bag. A bento box containing oysters, a Hiroshima specialty. It smelled delicious, tasted even better.

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Shinkansen (Bullet Train)

I have taken the Shinkansen many times. The following was written in July, 2015

I am currently on the Shinkansen, the bullet train, travelling from Tokyo to Osaka. The Japanese bullet trains are famous throughout the world, known for their speed and ability to run on time. Coming from Norway, where you expect the trains to be at least twenty minutes late, it was quite a shock to experience the Japanese train system, where a twenty second delay on average would be considered a scandal.


The front of the train

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