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A Night in Taoyuan, Taiwan

I stayed at the Orchard Park Hotel in Taoyuan in September 2016

My flight from Taiwan back to Tokyo was cancelled. The airline put me on a flight the next morning, and checked me into a hotel not far from Taoyuan Airport to spend the night. It was a really nice hotel, the dinner buffet was amazing, but after a while I was full. Room for no more to eat. I left the restaurant.

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A walk in Daan Park, Taipei

I visited Daan Park in Taipei, Taiwan in September 2016

The sun is shining, it is a warm day. Daan Park looks beautiful in the sunshine. Here and there trees provide shade, a chance to get away from the hot sunlight. People are sitting on the grass under the trees. Chatting. Or sleeping. Squirrels are running around on the grass, between the trees. Seemingly not afraid of humans at all.

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Taipei 101

I visited Taipei 101 in Taiwan in September 2016

The view from the top was breath-taking. From an altitude of 384 meters, you can see quite some distance. The city of Taipei law beneath me, covering large areas of land. In most directions the urban sprawl went on for as long you could see, to one side forest-covered mountains lay not far away. It was a bit cloudy, the view was partially blocked from clouds and smog in the distance. I had been in Taipei less than 24 hours, did not know the city, but with the help of a map I figured out where I was staying in relation to the tower. I looked and looked. I never managed to spot my building.

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Shimokitazawa, Tokyo

I stayed in Shimokitazawa in Tokyo in January, 2016

The girl working at the record store was extremely helpful, following me through the store, finding all the records I asked for. I did not know what bands to get, only asked for certain categories. I ended up with six LPs with Japanese bands. Some rock, both old and new, and some older jazz. If I only had an LP-player in Japan, I wanted to listen to the records straight away, would have to wait almost two weeks before I got.
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Selfoss, Iceland

While visiting Bobby Fischer’s grave and the Bobby Fischer Center in Selfoss in March, 2016 I had a few spare hours to kill in the town.

It did not take long to see all of Selfoss. A twenty minute walk, and I felt I had seen most of it. Through the town ran the main road, a wide road flanked by sidewalks and local business. Some fastfood joints, a funeral agency, a swimming pool and a florist among others. On both sides of the road lay residential areas, a few rows of houses before farmland took over. There was a football stadium, but no one were playing as I walked past. There also was a Bobby Fischer Center, a museum dedicated to the great chess player, in the town, but it would not open for almost two hours. I was unsure what to do in the meantime, tried to find a restaurant or a bar, somewhere to sit down

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Užupis Republic in Vilnius

I visited Užupis in Vilnius in May, 2016

It was a beautiful, sunny day, people were sitting outside at every cafe I passed. The Old City of Vilnius looked beautiful in the sunlight, the old white and light colored walls shining. My airbnb hosts had given me directions to Užupiz: Head in the direction of the river, that way (as she pointed down the street). When you cross the river you are there.

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The Three Crosses in Vilnius

I visited the Three Crosses in Vilnius in May, 2016

Clearly I had chosen the wrong way up. A steep hill to get to the top, there were wodden stairs but many of them were broken. I had to pay attention to where I put my feet. I did not trust the woodwork. As I got to the top, I was breathing heavily, my thighs were on fire, I saw there was a road up to the top on the other side, nowhere near as steep as the stairs.

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Gediminas’ Castle. Vilnius, Lithuania.

I visited Gediminas’ Castle in Vilnius in May, 2016

Gediminas’ Castle is easily spotted from near the cathedral in Vilnius, resting on top of a hill, visible in all directions. Now mostly a ruin, a small portion of it has been rebuilt or restored, the tower reconstructed in 1930 the most easily visible structure from below.

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