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Homemade Japanese Food in Niseko

I had nomemade food in Niseko in North Japan in December 2015

It did not take long for me to notice that the people of Japan love food. They always seem to be eating or snacking on something, and whenever you talk to someone it does not take long before the conversation turns to food. They are very curious to hear what we eat in Norway, as well as to hear what I have eaten in Japan. In fact, whenever I visit a new place in Japan, the first thing my Japanese friends ask me is what I ate there. Japan is truly a food loving country, how the people keep so thin baffles me.

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Ski rental in Niseko, Japan

I visited Niseko in December 2015

It was already almost 1pm, if we wanted to get some skiing done we had to get ready quickly. The people we were meeting in Niseko were already on the slopes, we would meet them after skiing. I needed to rent everything, all I had for this trip was long underwear. There were many places renting equipment in Niseko I had been told.

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