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The long way back to Tokyo

I travelled from Fuji Rock Festival to Tokyo in July, 2015

It was 5 am already when I got back to my tent. I knew the sun would rise at 7.30, turning my tent into a sauna, impossible to sleep in. I made a quick decision. I would go back to Tokyo right now, I could sleep on the train, and if I was lucky check in early at the hotel. If not I would have to find a love hotel or manga cafe to sleep in. I would only get two hours of sleep here anyway, that would not help much. I crossed my fingers, hoping I could check in early at the hotel in Tokyo.

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Fuji Rock Festival in Japan

I visited Fuji Rock Festival in Japan in July, 2015

I finally reached the other end of the festival area, it must have taken me half an hour to walk at least, without any long stops. Walking in a crowd slowed me down a bit though, and it was mostly crowded here. Trying to see the whole area took some time, so large and so many different paths. And always so many people.

Festival in Japan

A boardwalk through the forest

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Revisiting Lorelei in Tokyo

I visited Lorelei again in July 2015

Lorelei lies at the bottom of a spiral staircase. I walked down and entered through the door. As soon as I entered the owner let out a scream and ran towards me. I stopped, put on a big smile. As she reached me she gave me a big hug. Just the sort of welcome I love.

Lorelei, a German bar in Tokyo

With one of the waitresses

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Jimbocho, Tokyo. Booklover’s Heaven

I visited Jimbocho in Tokyo in July, 2015

I have always loved books, always been an avid reader. My love goes back to when I was a child, when my mum would use to read to me before I went to bed. As I have grown older my love for books have stayed with me, and now I always try to combine my love for books and my love for travel.



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Shinkansen (Bullet Train)

I have taken the Shinkansen many times. The following was written in July, 2015

I am currently on the Shinkansen, the bullet train, travelling from Tokyo to Osaka. The Japanese bullet trains are famous throughout the world, known for their speed and ability to run on time. Coming from Norway, where you expect the trains to be at least twenty minutes late, it was quite a shock to experience the Japanese train system, where a twenty second delay on average would be considered a scandal.


The front of the train

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