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Sapporo TV Tower

I visited Sapporo TV Tower in December 2015

The view was perfect. You could see Odori Park running through the city, leading your gaze to, far in the distance, the ski jumping hill. The one used in the 1972 Winter Olympics. On a mountainside on the edge of the city it stood, in direct line of sight from the tower, no high rise in the way, only the trees of Odori Park.

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Taipei 101

I visited Taipei 101 in Taiwan in September 2016

The view from the top was breath-taking. From an altitude of 384 meters, you can see quite some distance. The city of Taipei law beneath me, covering large areas of land. In most directions the urban sprawl went on for as long you could see, to one side forest-covered mountains lay not far away. It was a bit cloudy, the view was partially blocked from clouds and smog in the distance. I had been in Taipei less than 24 hours, did not know the city, but with the help of a map I figured out where I was staying in relation to the tower. I looked and looked. I never managed to spot my building.

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The Three Crosses in Vilnius

I visited the Three Crosses in Vilnius in May, 2016

Clearly I had chosen the wrong way up. A steep hill to get to the top, there were wodden stairs but many of them were broken. I had to pay attention to where I put my feet. I did not trust the woodwork. As I got to the top, I was breathing heavily, my thighs were on fire, I saw there was a road up to the top on the other side, nowhere near as steep as the stairs.

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