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Ready for a trip to London

Written before a trip to London in May 2015

Where can I begin? How can you describe London? It is a city that can be so much. It has so many different things to offer. Camden Town, Brick Lane, Notting Hill, Waterloo. I could spend a whole day in the book stores of Charing Cross Road. Or a whole evening in one of London’s many pubs. I have been there to see a football match. Or I could spend a day in one of its many parks.
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Back Home From Östersund

I took a trip to Östersund in May, 2015

I have arrived back home after a great weekend in Östersund. A cosy little town in the middle of Sweden, we found some good restaurants and bars, saw most of the sights and met some nice people. We even had time for a swim at Storsjöbadet, the local swimming pool and aqua park. Now it is time to head home, go over my notes and write some longer posts about my trip to Östersund.

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